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Brush Cutters

The Brush Cutters from STIHL are true specialists for difficult terrain. They get to work where ride-on lawn movers give up. Be it moving & clearing jobs at home, thinning overgrown areas or carrying out tough maintenance work on steep slopes – with their high-performance engines and sophisticated practical features, these powerful experts are equal to any challenge. The wide range of STIHL products provides the right tool for any job – from Light Brush Cutters with petrol to extra powerful Clearing Saws for professional forestry use. Choose the right tool from the various performance classes depending on your particular requirements. Fit it with the appropriate cutting tool – and you’re ready to go.


Cut Dry. Cut Clean.

For the first time you can cut dry and cut clean at the same time. Inside jobs are now possible without the usual painstaking clean up time. Professional models designed for clearing thick grass, shrubs and undergrowth.Professional 2-stroke engine with air purge for high performance,easy starting(optional)and long life.


Brush cutters are incredibly durable, tough and strong garden tools that can be a big investment. If you have a large outdoor space that needs a lot of attention, the investment of a brush cutter is essential for you. As you are making a big investment, you want to make sure that you are getting the best brush cutter for your landscape, garden or farm.


This safety alert is directed at users of portable, hand-held, combustion engine driven brush cutters and suppliers of these machines and accessories. These machines are commonly used for cutting wild grass, weeds, brush and similar vegetation, using a variety of standard cutting attachments. They are frequently utilised in landscape maintenance and ground-clearance operations.


Brush cutters feature different blade attachments that allow you to cut a variety of materials. They’re generally durable and reliable machines, as long as they receive proper maintenance. However, the blade life depends on what you’re cutting and how often.
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